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Application of  zinc dust in Zinc Rich paints

Application of  zinc dust in Zinc Rich paints

Application of  zinc dust in Zinc Rich paints

One of the most important applications of zinc is in zinc-rich paints. Paints that contain large amounts of zinc particles or a combination of zinc dust and organic or non-organic adhesives are called zinc-rich paints. These paints have been in use for over a century, and one of the main reasons for the popularity of zinc-rich paints is their cathodic protection.

Zinc Rich paints are used as a top coverage on steel or other metal surfaces in difficult environmental conditions and are at risk of continuous corrosion.

Zinc dust is one of the most important elements that controls decay through the galvanizing process. Zinc prevents metal decay. The main application of Zinc Rich paint is to protect metal surfaces against decay. Zinc dust combined in these paints provides cathodic protection.

Zinc-rich paints and similar coverage are usually used with the addition of a putty, which is used as a secondary coverage to protect the surfaces against rust.

Zinc Rich color features

Zinc rich contains large amounts of zinc dust or zinc powder combined with organic or non-organic adhesives. Zinc-rich paints have similar properties to heating galvanized coverage. These paints can be combined with the corrosion inhibiting properties of zinc metal by increasing the percentage of zinc in the dry film.

Micronized zinc dust in color is combined with organic strips. These connectors allow zinc particles to come in contact with each other, so zinc dust can provide cathodic protection.

Zinc-rich paints are a good way to repair damaged galvanized coverage. Paints containing this micronized dust that contain at least 65% zinc are in this specification. These paints are used in adhesion due to their convenient and easy adhesion and are widely used to repair damaged galvanized coverage.



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